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Services That Enable Your Core Business

FocusDyne makes technology solutions available to small and medium sized businesses that don’t always have the same resources and risk-taking capital as larger firms. Through our Global Delivery Model, we bring a host of specialized solutions that can help improve your competitive advantage.

FocusDyne provides a wide range of services including Project Management, Technology & Business Consulting, Software Development, Systems Integration, Testing and SQA Services, Web services and Business Process Outsourcing(BPO).

Our domain expertise, arising from real world experience of servicing several clients and hiring the best talent from the industry, enables us to deliver innovative, reliable and scalable business solutions within our customers time schedules and budgets.

  • Onsite Consulting
    • Business Consulting
    • Software Development
    • Systems Integration
    • Testing Services
    • Project Management
    • Project Augmentation
    • IT Staffing
    • ERP Support
  • Outsourcing (Onshore and Offshore)
    • Application Development Outsourcing
    • Product Sustaining
    • Database maintenance and migration
    • Testing Services
    • Website administration
    • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Software Quality Assurance
    • Quality Assessment 
    • Quality Testing
    • Quality Audits
    • Quality From Scratch

With increasing pressure on companies to deliver more with less resources, reduced cycle times and costs, the only viable option for most firms today is to embrace a global delivery model of one kind or another. This is exactly where FocusDyne adds value. FocusDyne has well equipped software development facilities staffed by highly skilled and dedicated engineers. Our engineers have experience in executing multiple large project initiatives, encompassing the full system life cycle. Through our Global Delivery Model and state-of-the-art offshore development facility, we can lower your IT Budget while increasing productivity and delivery efficiency.