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Software Quality Assurance & Test Lab Services

Timely, cost-effective and high-quality software can be achieved through effective software quality control and software quality assurance (SQA) practices applied throughout the development cycle.

FocusDyne offers Test Lab Services to allow its customers to quickly validate products by augmenting testing teams and performing specialized tests like Load Testing, Performance Testing, Functional and Automated Testing. Our goal is to help reduce cost, improve quality with minimal overhead, and significantly reduce time-to-market.  

Why Invest in QA Services?

Most projects, insourced or outsourced, fail due to the following risk factors:

·    Barriers to Communication

·    Complexity of Infrastructure

·    Division of Labor

·    Cultural Factors

Mitigating the above mentioned risks is critical to success of any offshore outsourcing IT project. Communication problems that arise from scattered project teams can lead to misinterpretation of business priorities and requirements.

It is absolutely critical that businesses today invest in onsite and offshore quality services that can contribute toward timely monitoring of processes and deliverables.

Such services should ensure that the products and services delivered by your outsourcing vendor meet or exceed your expectations.

FocusDyne offers QA services that guarantee value addition at every stage of SDLC. Our services can be customized to help meet your specific quality needs. We implement planned and systematic activities to provide confidence in our services. Our quality processes are derived from ASQ, CMM and ISO best practices.

Our QA services include application reliability testing - automated and manual load and stress test, test management, test process assessment/improvement, test automation, automated and manual regression and full software integration testing, release cycle testing, and training.

PQR - A Unique Quality Offering!

Proactive Quality Resolution (PQR) offers the best of the breed quality services based on standards proposed by American Society for Quality. We have put together a unique onsite and offshore solution that takes care of all your quality needs.

PQR Solution


Quality Assessment

Thorough assessment of existing procedures.

Quality Testing

Portfolio of testing services

Quality Audits

Performed onsite & offshore

Quality From Scratch

Author QA policies & procedures

Quality Assessment - PQR

We perform an extensive review of your quality processes and procedures, along with a detailed recommendation on opportunity for improvements  with testing tools, methods & documentation.

Quality Outsourcing Audits - PQR

Onsite pre-outsourcing audits are conducted to determine whether existing business applications and processes are sufficiently defined and documented for outsourcing to be a viable option.

Onsite post-outsourcing audits can help assess realized quality benefits of outsourcing. These audits and deliverables are geared to help you get a better overall picture of adherence to agreed upon quality standards.

Offshore post-outsourcing audits can help evaluate adherence to promised quality processes at vendor sites or internal departments located offshore.

Quality Testing Services - PQR

Our QA testing services include following types of testing, during and after development:

·    Test Planning

·    Test Specification Design

·    Test Procedure Development

·    Test Execution

·    Automated Test Scripting

·    Functional Testing

·    Integration & System Testing

·    Acceptance Testing

What do I do next? 

Get in touch with an account representative ( and let us show you how we can help your onsite & offshore projects succeed.

We will perform an extensive quality assessment with a detailed recommendation on quality  process improvements. We will then work with you on a customized onsite and offshore QA model.